Spark 2012


For Chevrolet we created several exterior renderings for their new Spark® 2012 version. Beside creating the lighting and shading setups for the entire project I acted as a project supervisor to manage various retouching artists and maintain quality standards. I also did a considerable amound of retouching myself.

The project took place over several weeks and all the images had to be very high resolution since they will be used in print. Every image consits out of various layers for different equipment variations as well as every car has over 20 different colors. The combination of layering different colors and equipment variations resulted in a decent amount of layers, but with a some planning, as well as an organized pipeline everything turned out to work pretty streight forward.

Beside the pictures with a photographed background we also created the same pictures in studio lighting setup on a plain white background. These will be used for the website configurator so that customers can configure the car they want and see the result immediately.

 My Role: 
Project Supervisor
 My Tasks: 
All Lighting / Shading, 2D Touchup, Pipeline Developement, Project Management, Quality Asurance
 Production Time: 
October 2011 – November 2011