March 2016 – ShowReel 2016

Finally I had time to update my ShowReel for 2016. There are lots of exciting projects inside, including 4 exciting Hollywood movie projects. Even though I worked on much more projects the last years I decided to only add projects to my ShowReel that I enjoyed working on.

February 2013 – Oblivion Trailer

Make sure to watch out the new Oblivion trailer for the upcoming movie with Tom Cruise. I worked for Pixomondo on this project as the Shanghai division CG Lead and developed and prepared the 3D pipeline we used as well as setting up lighting and shading for various shots. I will be able to show more once the movie is released.

January 2013 – Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer

During my time at Pixomondo I worked as the Shanghai division CG Lead for the upcoming Star Trek movie. Be sure to check out the trailer. My tasks were to develope and prepare the 3D pipeline for the entire crew as well as lighting and shading several shots by myself. Once the movie is released I will be able to show more.

Short Introduction

My name is Jonas Nöll, and I was born 1984 in Viernheim, Germany. Since I graduated from university in 2009 as a Diploma Digital Artist I am working in the professional industry, mainly in the area of shading and lighting.

Over the past years I gained substantial knowledge of the production cycle. I worked for several feature movies, as well as advertisement, shows and print design. Even though my specialization is 3D lighting and shading, I am also very interested in all the other parts of 3D and 2D content creation. I mostly enjoy the work with digital characters and photo-realism, and the joy and excitement to push a project to the next level has always been my main motivation.

I understand that skill alone is not the key to a successful production within a team. That’s why I value and develope easy to use and optimized pipelines as well as an organized workflow. I also care a lot of becoming a valuable member in a production team and have no problem to either work under supervision or supervise myself. I don’t care much for title or reputation but more for a harmonized and joyful way of working to help a team unleash its best potential.



Recent Carreer

 2015 Lead 3D Artist
Color Farm Shanghai

 2013 Lead 3D Artist
Image Unit Shanghai

 2012 CG Lead
Pixomondo Shanghai

 2011 Lighting & Shading Lead
Pixomondo Shanghai

 2009 Lighting & Shading Artist
Pixomondo Shanghai

Recent Projects

 2013 Oblivion
CG Lead, Pixomondo Shanghai

 2013 Stars Trek – Into Darkness
CG Lead, Pixomondo Shanghai

 2012 Red Tails
Lighting & Shading Lead, Pixomondo Shanghai

 2011 Hugo Cabret
Lighting & Shading Lead, Pixomondo Shanghai

 2010 General Motors – EXPO Presentation
Lighting & Shading Artist, Pixomondo Shanghai

Lighting & Shading

Specialized in this area I am able to support your project with photo-realistic or stylized lighting & shading, as well as look developement to match your or your clients needs.


I have profund knowledge in all recent modeling techniques for characters, organic or technical models. I can deliver both lowpoly and highpoly depending on your pipeline and requirements.


I am trained in concepting, detailling and finishing models for various needs. I can convert the highpoly sculpt to a production ready and optimized asset, including the required texturemaps to restore the detail.


With a lot of experience in VFX, advertisements and gamedesign, I can create detailled texturemaps for all needs and develope them together with the lighting & shading to achieve the look you or your clients are looking for.

Project Management & Supervising

Having worked as a leading 3D artist, I know how to develope a working 3d pipeline to optimize the workload. As a proven 3D departement and project supervisor I am able to handle a team of other artists and maintain quality standards.


Beside my main expertise, I am also trained in other areas of digital production such as animation, rigging and basic compositing as well as digital retouching or print design. Please dont hesitate to get in touch for more details.

3D Software

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Maya

Chaos Group V-Ray

Solid Angle Arnold

Mental Images Mental Ray

Autodesk Mudbox

Pixologic ZBrush

2D Software

Adobe Photoshop

The Foundry Nuke

Adobe After Effects

Operational Software

Microsoft Windows

Apple OSX