VW People's Car Project


For VW China we produced this interesting extended commercial. The idea behind the whole thing is that people on the internet can submit designs of futuristic cars so VW, then on of the submitters gets chosen and receives a surprise. In this case we had to place the parents of the girl who submitted the design in her imagined car and pretend that VW already built it. The video also was supposed to be spread on various social media without making clear if the whole thing is CG or reality.

I myself was 3D Supervisor for this project and since everything had to be created in a very short amount of time a lot of freelancers were hired. The 3D team ended up to be quite large and it was a challenge alone coordinating that many people and bringing everything together in the end again. Before the whole team arrived I prepared all the assets, including a complete and functional shading and lighting setup that was lateron then used by the artists. Even though the production pipeline was very tight with a decent amount of planning everything went quite smooth and we were able to deliver everything very well on time. It was for me a great and worthy experience and I learnt a lot from it, especially about organizing and handling teamwork in an efficient matter.

 My Role: 
3D Supervisor
 My Tasks: 
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Shading, Pipeline-Development, 3D-Team-Management
 Production Time: 
March 2012 – April 2012