Red Tails


Red Tails was the first feature movie I worked on. As the Shading & Lighting Lead Artist I was responsible for bringing all the assets together and develop a well working setup for the other artists to use. I was also heavily involved in the modeling and texturing of various assets as well as lighting and shading whole shots.

The Pixomondo Shanghai division worked mainly on setextension for the field base, so we ended up populating various shots with tents, vehicles, people and everything else that would sell the shot to take place in a busy airbase. There were also various shots about the airplanes landing or taking of and even some character animation of pilot doubles.

Various plates were reframed by the client, so had to extend many of them with full-CG material. Some shots ended up to become entirely full-CG since the material from the plate was not usable anymore after reframing or it would take too much time to combine life-action with CG. But also these shots ended up to look very realistic and to summarize it was a quite smooth and successful production out of my perspective. I advice you to watch the Making-Of to see shots that I worked on.

 My Role: 
Shading & Lighting Lead (Shanghai Division)
 My Tasks: 
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Shading, Pipeline-Development, 3D-Team-Management
 Production Time: 
November 2010 – Mai 2011