Hugo Cabret


We were honored to work on the new Martin Scorsese movie Hugo Cabret which lateron even was awarded with an Oscar for the Visual Effects in 2012. In my role as a CG Lead for the Shanghai Division of Pixomondo I prepared all the 3D pipeline for the work that was distributed to Shanghai, as well as texturing and modeling several assets and shading and lighting for various shots.

In the Shanghai facility we mostly handled setextensions for the clocktower shots. While the first 2 floors of the clocktower were built on set our task was to extend the clocktower digitally either up- or downwards to make it look huge. We also had some full-CG shots where the entire clocktower was done in 3D and and also some animation work with digital doubles for the main actors chasing up the staircase. After setting up a basic but highly efficient workflow, 3D wise everything was quite streamlined and we were able to handle a huge amount of shots with a relatively small team.

I will try to upload a Making Of as soon as I find some time to do some shot breakdowns. Until then I hope the trailer can give a good insight about the project and its style.

 My Role: 
CG Lead (Shanghai Division)
 My Tasks: 
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Shading, Pipeline-Development, 3D-Team-Management
 Production Time: 
May 2011 – September 2011